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This site lists the most frequently asked questions by travellers about Apple Hotel. If you cannot find the information that you need in any of Apple Hotel’s site links, just might just be the place to look for it. And if you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us and we will be more than happy to address your query.

How do I make a booking at applehotel?

You can make a room booking online via our website at, by phone via our Call Center at +603-214 APPLE (27753) (Malaysia), or by walking into any of our hotel locations.

Can I make a booking on behalf of another person?

Yes, you can. You are required to key in the Guest’s First Name, Guest’s Last Name/Surname and *IC/Passport Number when making a booking. The guest will need to present a valid ID during check-in.

Can I make a booking on behalf of another person but pay for it with my own credit card?

Yes you can, only if you have permission from the cardholder. Please state this in the ‘Remarks’ box when making your reservation. The hotel may require authorisation from the cardholder.

Can I check-in if the booking is under someone else’s name?

No, only the person whose name and valid ID stated in the booking confirmation will be allowed to check-in.

If I am booking a room for 2 persons, do I need to provide both names?

No, you only need to provide one name. The person named in the booking must be present during check-in.

How do I check if I have successfully made a booking?

You will receive a confirmation/booking reference number upon successful booking with full payment. You may also view your booking(s) by clicking on Manage Confirmed Bookings.

Must I print out my booking reservation?

It is advisable to print out your booking reservation for reference and easy check-in at the hotel. If you do not have a print out of your reservation, please confirm your booking details at the reception desk and provide your identification.

What happens if I encounter a problem with my reservation upon checking-in?

It is advisable for you to quote your confirmation number if you were given one, but if you were not, it would be advisable for you to print out the confirmation letter and bring it along.

Is there any advantage in booking early?

Yes it would as most of the time we are fully booked. In order not to be disappointed, please make your booking as early as possible.

Can I make a booking for tonight on your website?

Yes, it is possible with full payment paid. Please take extra care when entering all of your information, especially your credit card number, as we may not have enough time to contact you to amend any errors that could jeopardise your reservation. The non-refundable and non-cancellation policy will apply to bookings that are less than 72 hours from the check-in date.

Can I book Apple Hotel for day use?

No, bookings are for a minimum of one night stay only.

In what currency do I pay for my stay at the hotel?

Payment would be in the currency of the respective country the hotel is located in.

What is the earliest time I can check-in?

The earliest time you can check-in is 2.00 pm for hotels in Malaysia. Early check-in is subject to the availability of rooms.

What is the latest time I can check-out?

The latest time you can check-out is 12.00 pm on the check-out date.

What time does your new day starts? We will be arriving at 5.00 am in the morning, if we check-in at this time, do you consider this as one night?

Yes. Our new day starts at 6.00 am.

What is your rate for late check-out? Our flight home is at 12.00 am, we would like to check-out at 8.00 pm.

The published full day room rate will apply after the 12.00 pm check-out time. Late check-outs until 1.00 pm are usually not chargeable, however, this is subject to the availability of rooms. Please indicate in your reservation form as we may be able to accommodate your request free-of-charge if rooms are available.

Do you have parking facilities?

Parking on-site for is generally not possible, however, off-site parking is reasonably priced and within walking distance. Please refer to the individual hotel pages for more information. Parking charges apply.

Is there a minimum number of nights I must book?

The minimum number of nights per booking is one (1) night.

What is the maximum number of nights I must book?

The maximum number of nights per booking is ten (10) nights. Stays exceeding 10 nights can be made by separate bookings subject to availability.

Can I cancel my booking?

Booking cancellations MUST be done at least 3 days before the scheduled check-in date. For any cancellations of bookings made within 2 days (48 hours) of the scheduled check-in date, the total payment made is deemed forfeited. Multi-night bookings cancelled within 2 days before your scheduled check-in time will also be deemed forfeited. In the event of any cancellation of bookings (at least 3 days (72hours) before the check-in date), a credit shell amount equivalent to the value of the booking minus the cancellation fee will be credited into the guest’s registered account for future bookings. If the total payment made is less than the cancellation fee, there will be no credit shell given and the whole payment will be deemed forfeited. The amount in credit shell is not exchangeable for cash. The credit shell amount must be used within six (6) months from the date of cancellation, or will be deemed forfeited without further notifications. The credit shell amount is currency-specific and is not valid for bookings for Hotels operating with other currencies. The credit shell amount is not transferable to other accounts. The credit shell amount cannot be used for payments of deposits, add-ons and all other non room-related transactions at the Hotel.

How do I cancel my booking?

Log on to Click on Guest Login. Key in your email and password and click on Login. Choose the reference number you would like to cancel and click on Cancel Selected Booking. Please remember to check the hotel’s cancellation policy before making any changes to your booking. Non-refundable rooms and other special deals can have a different cancellation policy.

Does offer refunds? does NOT provide any refunds.

Are meals included in the price? Is breakfast included?

Breakfast sets are only available at selected hotels and during the booking process.

Is there an F&B outlet in the Hotel?

The availability and variety of retail and F&B outlets at our hotels varies depending on location. Please refer to the individual hotel page for a list of the retail and F&B outlets.

Is there Internet access in the hotel?

In-room WiFi is available for free. Free Internet terminals are available in designated areas at the lobbies of selected hotels.

Do the rooms have en-suite bathrooms?

Yes, all the rooms have en-suite bathrooms equipped with power showers.

Are the rooms air-conditioned?

Each room is also equipped with one air-conditioning unit. What are the beds like in the rooms? * All Apple Hotel rooms come with five (5) star quality beds. * Single Room – 1 single sized bed * Double Room – 1 double sized bed * Twin Room – 2 single sized beds * Family Room – 1 double sized bed & 1 single sized bed Room types offered vary at individual hotels. Please refer to the individual hotel pages.

Are bed linens provided?

Yes, all the beds come with a full set of linen (bed sheet, duvet and pillows).

Does the hotel provide additional or have extra beds available?

No, the hotel does not provide additional beds and does not have extra beds.

Do you have baby cots?

No, the hotel does not provide baby cots.

Does the hotel provide towels, soap, shampoo, etc?

Apple Hotel operates a limited service concept, towels and pillowcases are not provided in the rooms. However, pillowcases are available through the participation of promotional activities at all hotels.

Is there room service in the hotel?

Apple Hotel operates a limited service concept, hence there is no room service available.

Do the hotel rooms come with a telephone, television, radio, safe, mini bar, in-room safe, tea and coffee making facilities?

Apple Hotel operates a limited service concept, hence there are no telephone service line, radio, mini bar, in-room safe, tea and coffee making facilities in the rooms.

Do the rooms have windows?

Some rooms have windows and some rooms do not.

Are there electrical power points in the rooms?

Yes, there is at least 1 electrical power point available in the room.

Do I have to clean my room? Is there housekeeping service?

No, the housekeeping service is provided on a fixed schedule. The frequency of housekeeping services varies according to the location of the hotel. Please refer to the hotel schedule for more information.

How often is cleaning of the rooms done?

The frequency of housekeeping services varies according to the location of the hotel. For more information, please refer to the hotel schedule here.

What should I prepare when checking in?

Guests are required to present proof of identity (NRIC/Passport).

How can I book for connecting rooms?

Connecting rooms are not available at all hotels. You may request for connecting rooms at the front desk during check-in and it is subject to availability. Please refer to individual hotel pages.

How much are your room rates?

Our room rates are not fixed. It fluctuates based on daily demand & availability. Book early online to secure a low price!

Based on the rates offered at, is it possible for us to ask for a special discount?

The rates portrayed on this website are our internet promotional rates. It is the discounted rates meant for internet booking only. Only bookings made via are entitled to these internet rates.

We are Government employees, airline, hospitality and travel related staff, are we entitled to special rates?

We do not have special rates for travel related staff. Our rates are Promotional Internet rates.

Can I change my room type upon check-in?

No, you cannot. Since you have made full payment for the room, no changes can be made to your booking including changing of room type.

Is there a wardrobe in the room? Can I hang my clothes in the room?

No, there are no wardrobes in any of the rooms but you can hang your clothes with the hangers provided in the rooms.

Can I smoke in the hotel rooms?

No. Apple Hotel is a non-smoking hotel. You are not permitted to smoke anywhere within the building.

Can children stay unaccompanied in the Hotel?

No, and, by children, we mean anyone under the age of eighteen (18) years.

Are guests allowed in the hotel/room?

Yes, guests are allowed in the hotel in the company of hotel guests.

What are the directions to the Hotel?

Our location map is available on our location page.

Is there a hotel shuttle service to/from the airport?

Yes we do have our airport transfer vehicle but it is chargeable. Please indicate in the reservation form that you require the airport transfer service. We shall provide you the quotation for the airport transfer service during the confirmation of your booking. However, public transport is obviously cheaper. Our directional tips via public transport are available at our location page.

What is the voltage cycle in Malaysia?

If you are from an Asian country, adaptors or transformer are not needed but advisable to carry with you as some electrical voltage may differ. In Malaysia, the electricity runs on 240 volts with 50-cycle system.


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